Main contact

Maurice Spiccia
1602 Pickwick
Glenview IL 60026

Phone: (847) 729-1484
Mobile: (847) 431-3288
Fax: (847) 729-2304


Alternate Contacts

EdWilliams: (847) 352-1836

Mac Coplon: (847) 356-8554

Angel Spiccia: (847) 804-3734
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To our valued live music seeker,

In your inquiry please make sure to specifiy the date of your event.
We will promply reply by e-mail, advise of availability and furnish details of our musical services pricing structure.
Whenever possible, we will also publish a list of dates and venues where our clients have given us permission for short and discreet auditions.
While most of our initial communications are done by e-mail, we would welcome
the inclusion of your phone number in the e-mail for any subsequent contact.

Thank you.
Maurice Spiccia