About Us

The PHASE4 band's main objective is to provide a much needed, affordable and high quality musical alternative to the overpriced competition.
PHASE4 has been able to succeed in the special event industry because its great value has been achieved thru the use of dedicated musicians and
singers and the help of a really great musical technology "MIDI SEQUENCING".
This technology allows our band, even in its smallest configuration, to have the complex orchestrations of much larger bands and in addition, to have
at its disposal many new sounds and a level of balance and loudness control that traditional bands can only dream of.
PHASE4 performs much like a traditional band but this technology adds two important advantages:
a) The music is continuous, from song to song, keeping the guests on the floor and dancing.
b) When sudden requests are made they are attended to a lot quicker than a traditional band, with precise timing and no disruption to the music flow.

Informational Material & Auditions

All our prospective clients are provided with e-mailed literature that clearly shows items of interest and information on prices and options. Also included
in the e-mail, are the location of engagements where some of our confirmed clients have been gracious enough to allow limited, discreet and properly
dressed auditions.
Video and and audio demos of the band PHASE4 are available on this website and contain extensive samples of the band's versatility with all the
diverse musical genres.


Because ot the tremendous stability and longevity of our band, the presence of the permanent members is GUARANTEED by name in our contracts.
We feel that our clients are entitled to have the band members they originally auditioned. Should there be any personell change (emergency or not) our
clients will be notified and given the opportunity to approve or disapprove the substitute member. If the client disapproves, the original deposit will be
refunded in full.

Planning for your event

From this wesite our clients are always able to obtain the band's up-to-date song list and the appropiate forms so that primary decisions can be made
in regards to music choices and possible additional requests (maximum, 2 additional songs to be learned by band).
If ceremony music is also to be performed, ceremony music samples (Mp3 format) are also available from this website (choices can also be made
totally outside the contents of the audio material present on this website.).
With the help of this material most clients are able to easily decide on their favorite music both for the ceremony and reception) and also give directives
to the musicians. Consultation appointments are welcome and highly suggested to finalize details. Please call our office for appointments.

Our services and musical options